Book Cover Design Service – creating beautiful covers at affordable prices.

It can be very daunting to try and think of an idea for your book cover design. This is the first thing people see of your books and you need to draw them into picking them up.

The best place to start is with your books genre, look at as many published books in your genre and see which covers you like. Go to your local bookstore and see what covers jump out at you. Whether it is the font, images or colours. Think about the themes, places and ideas within your book but try to think in the abstract and don’t get too fixed on a single precise image. Take an image of them and set up an ideas board. If you are into using Pinterest you could set up a board and just ‘pin’ any ideas or you could just take a picture of anything you like. Once you have your ideas together we can start to design your cover.

If you have already got your cover completed but you need help fitting to your printers specs then we can help with that too.

Cover Designs from £150

We create the cover using a single image, either provided by yourself or from an image sourcing site. We will customize the layout and background colours, add stylized typography, and place your synopsis and barcode on the back cover. 

Some image manipulation is possible but limitations may apply.

IMPORTANT: Work will not start on your cover until we have your book’s final page count, as the number of pages determines your book’s spine width.

You can use your own image for the cover as long as it meets the required resolution standard of 300 DPI and satisfies your printers content guidelines.

Some design and text changes may incur additional fees. Please see our Changes Policy for details.